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Monday, December 12, 2011

Label Placement on the Bottle

Where is the perfect place to adhere the wine label to the bottle? It's not an exact science. There is no formula for it. It just takes a trained eye to find what is sometimes called. "The Sweet Spot".

There are a couple things to take into account when directing where the wine label should be placed on the bottle for maximum affect.

  • The bottle shape and size. Hopefully, as the designer, you have already taken the glass shape into account before you created your label design. If not, shame on you. There are many different nuances in the shape of a bottle, but the most common styles are Burgundy bottle, Bordeaux bottle, Hoch bottle and Champagne bottle.
  • Where the wine is sold. Again, should have been considered during the design process, but in general terms... a bottle sold on a shelf needs a label that is more conspicuous. A wine sold online or in restaurants only, shelf presence is less important.
With these elements in mind and using a full-sized label, maneuver the label over the bottle to find the right placement. I use double-sided removable tape to hold the label in place. You'll know when you have found the sweet spot. Not too high, not too low, just right. Below is an example of what the process looks like visually.
This is a large label
designed for a Bordeaux bottle
which is slightly tapered.
Notice that the placement starts
with the top of the label
just below the shoulders of the bottle
where the sides straighten
out and taper. The brand name is
displayed on the top half of the bottle.
Not Sweet
What a difference an inch makes.
Here the label is too low on the bottle.
The label appears to be sliding
down and the brand name is
too close to the bottom half of the bottle.
It also makes the glass appear
shorter and wider.
Not as elegant looking as the one
to the left.


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