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Monday, October 17, 2011

Neck Hanger dielines

Wine bottle "neck hangers" are ideally suited to promotions on food and drinks bottles. They catch the eye and offer unlimited space for additional information, competitions or integrated flat give-aways. Whether recipe tip, competition, quality information, promotion-shop catalogue or overview of the product range: bottle hangers transport a wide range of information directly into the hand of the consumer.
When designing a neck hanger for wine, I recommend starting by asking the printer if they have any standard dies. Using a die line that already exists can cut costs for production as well as save you time. Just make sure to test the neck hanger size on the wine bottle first. Especially pay attention to the neck hole to see if it fits on the bottle and analyze how the neck hanger hangs on the bottle. Be careful not to cover up any important packaging elements like the brand name.

Download necker dielines here. Adobe Illustrator files.


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