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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lot Number for export wine labels

Occasionally I design another version of a wine label for export outside the U.S. since labeling requirements are different in other countries. Look closely at a bottle of imported European wine. Either on the label or on the bottle itself there will be a number preceded by the letter L. That’s the lot number. By using this number, it’s possible to trace what’s in the bottle right back to the vines from which the wine came.

To calculate the Lot Number:
The lot number is simply the date the producer bottled the wine. The actual calculation is a bit trickier.

Start with the bottling date. For this example, let's use a wine bottled on August 14, 2006
The lot number would be #L2266

For the first few numbers - Count the number of days in the year
For the last number - Use the last digit of the year


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