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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Creating a UPC code for coupons

First the basics...

The UPC coupon code is comprised of five basic sections:

Number System Character (NSC) of 5
Most POS UPC symbols on products begin with either 0,3,6,7, however regardless of the NSC used for the individual products, all coupons should have a NSC of 5.

Manufacturers Number
The five digit Mfg # will be identical to the Mfg # on the product itself.

Family Code
The next three digits after the Mfg # are the family code. The manufacturer assigns family codes to each of their products. This three digit number is completely different from the product number used on an item, since many coupons are redeemable on more than one size, color, or form of particular branded product. The family code is the key to validating that a consumer has purchased the couponed product.

Value Code
The value code identifies the redemption value of the coupon. This two digit field follows the 3 digit family code. The Value Code Table has recently been revised. Please scroll below to view a table of all value codes.

Check Digit
The 12th digit of any UPC symbol is the check digit. This is a calculated number based on the eleven preceding digits. Bar Code Graphics, Inc. will always compute this number. It is common for the five digit offer code to be printed above the barcode symbol.

To create your UPC coupon code, you'll need the information above as well as a UPC code creator. I use Barcode Producer.
  1. Choose to create a UPC-A code
  2. Enter the number 5 as your first digit
  3. Enter your client's manufacturers number for the product (5 digits)
  4. Enter your client's family code (3 digits)
  5. Enter the coupon value code (2 digits) For this example I used "76" which represents a coupon value of $1.00 off. See complete list of value codes below...
  6. Save in the file format you need. The check digit should have already been calculated for you by the software.


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Carrick Austin said...

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