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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fractions in Illustrator

How to apply fractions to your type layout in Adobe Illustrator CS or higher

In the past, formatting fractions was a time-consuming process. With Illustrator CS, formatting fractions is quick and easy.

If you are using an Open Type font:
Simply select a type object or range of characters, and click the Fractions button at the bottom of the OpenType palette.

The Fractions option affects only numbers that have a slash between them. When working on a document with multiple fractions, turn the fractions option on before typing, and all the fractions are converted automatically.

If you are NOT using an Open Type font:
To use a simple, commonly used fraction (like 1/2), select the option from the Type --> Glyphs menu, but for arbitrary fractions you will need to follow the steps above and use an Open Type font.